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About Our Products

The Making of Urethane Millwork

In the hands of the master

Our urethane millwork line is made up of both standard industry designs as well as our own unique products. Each item begins with a finely crafted original master, which is then used to make several moulds. Ensuring only the highest quality products, each mould is consistently maintained and then immediately replaced if they show even the slightest signs of wear. This gives us the ability to guarantee that the detail of every product we create is as clean and crisp as the first.

Urethane products are created by first spraying the inside of the mould with a barrier coat of primer. Liquid urethane is then poured into the mould, which is quickly shut and sealed. The urethane expands, hardens, and fuses with the coat of primer. The mould is then unlocked and opened, revealing a perfect duplicate of the original product, complete with a finished coat of primer.

The Artistry of Wood Carving

Born of original design

A true carved wood product is authentic as millwork items get. Every wood carving that we carry has been carefully designed to match either historic or contemporary architectural elements. Our vast collection of architectural woodcarvings is sure to meet any design requirements you may have.

As the manufacturer of our products, we have direct control over the quality of wood utilized in all of our carvings. All our raw materials are equal to or higher quality than required by such organizations as AWI, NHLA, KCMA, and The Hardwood Council and only the strongest Type-1 waterproof glue is used in the production of our wood products. With our high quality control standards, we monitor each step of the manufacturing process to ensure both the natural beauty and the quality needed to stand the test of time.

Architectural Design of Columns

Design that stands the test of time

Columns are one of the few architectural products that you can add to almost any home. Not only does it add a unique sense of style it also adds to the resale value of the home.

At Ekena Millwork, we can produce virtually any column design in architecture, from almost any material. This includes columns manufactured out of any species of wood, fiberglass, composite, urethane, and FRP. Our one restriction on columns is that we only use the highest quality materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques available.

Our reputation is of a great value to us, and we stand by every column we have ever produced. We want our reputation to remain as pristine as our columns.

Fiberthane® Balustrade Systems

The best of both worlds. Fiberglass and urethane.

Balustrade is one of the finest architectural elements that exists; and we designed the absolute best balustrade product on the market. Our FiberThane® Balustrade System is a hybrid system that utilizes the strength and durability of fiberglass, and the crisp detail of polyurethane.

FiberThane® is the only light-weight system that can span 16' lengths without needing a newel post or column. Not only is it the strongest system available, but with our QuickInstall brackets, it is also the quickest and easist to install. Additionally, we made sure it is the most cost-effective system you will find!

The Elegance of Steel Brackets

Excellence that can be seen

Steel brackets add an elegant look while also serving as countertop support. Made from 1/4" thick steel and with a corrosive resistant finish, our brackets are made to withstand the toughest applications. Pre-drilled mounting holes ensure seamless installation. Available in Cold Rolled Steel and Stainless Steel along with a plethora of sizes, our metal brackets are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Wrought Iron Brackets

Laser Cut to Perfection

Wrought Iron Brackets provide an alternative to wood brackets and corbels. By using Wrought Iron, designers can create intricate patterns, not normally possible with wood. Our Wrought Iron Brackets are load-bearing and can be used to support several types of countertops including granite countertops. With over 10 styles available and multiple sizes, you'll be sure to find the perfect bracket for your application.

Rustic Wood Collection

Custom Made Wood Carvings

Offering 72 different designs, in virtually unlimited sizes, multiple wood species, and even different finishes, this is the largest and most comprehensive selection of wooden brackets, corbels, and rafter tails available in the market.

These handcrafted products are all made out of solid Cedar or Douglas Fir, and with the option of either rustic rough-sawn or smooth milled lumber, they are perfect for any type of project. Can't find one you love? Call us and we will make a custom one just for you!