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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Ekena Millwork Products
We have an extensive network of great dealers that both carry our products and let you special-order Ekena items that can then be shipped directly to the jobsite. Give us a call at 866-607-0453 or email us at [email protected] and we will provide you a list of dealers in your area.
Lead Times
All standard products are available to ship within 24-72 hours. We deeply inventory all of our products - our goal is to never run out of anything. If you need an order to ship the same day, that is very possible - but you need to call us now! NOTE: Items that cannot ship within 72 hours are: rough-sawn brackets, corbels, rafter tails, and gable vents.
What is Urethane?
Urethane is a high-density composite material that is designed to look and feel like wood. It is resistant to moisture, heat, cold, insects, mold, & more.
About our Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, and Pine

Our Rustic Collection is an instant classic. Our Rustic wood millwork utilizes the technologies of today to build the 'log and timber' wood products that have been in architecture for centuries. Because our products are not kiln dried, each item in our Rustic Collection is 100% unique and will contain the natural variations that the wood species offers. Your wood bracket, corbel, rafter tail, will contain unique colors, grains, textures, knots, sapwood & heartwood content and possible sap bleeding, and even natural checking, splitting & cracks. These natural variations are what make the Rustic Collection stand out from the rest. Be proud of your project; stand out from the cookie-cutter homes; use the Rustic Collection family of products.

Note: If you are looking for more of a furniture or cabinet grade product, we offer a full line of kiln dried, hand carved products. We can also custom make products to your exact specifications.

How Much is Shipping?
We can do shipping (3) different ways (whichever makes the most sense for your company):
  1. Option (1)

    All UPS or FedEx standard ground shipments are a flat 15% of the total price of the product. There is a minimum charge of $15 and a maximum charge of $100. This is the most popular option because it allows you to quickly and easily calculate the shipping charges while quoting your customers.
  2. Option (2)

    We will simply invoice you for the exact amount of shipping charges that were incurred on your order. Our warehouses ship a considerable amount of product, so our shipping rates are very reasonable. These rates will simply be passed along to you. This is a great option if you already have a Fed Ex or UPS shipping calculator that you use for other products.
  3. Option (3)

    If you already have an account with FedEx or UPS, we can ship each order on your account as a 3rd party. This allows you to receive any special terms or discounts you may have set up with those carriers.
Is There a Minimum Order Size?
Nope. Order whatever you want.
How to Place Orders
There are three basic ways to place the order:
  1. (1) Via Phone

    Call (866) 607-0453 to place your order over the phone. Make sure to reference your customer account number.
  2. (2) Via Fax

    Fax your Purchase Order (PO) to (866) 591-3143 and put it Attn: Order Processing. Your order will be processed within 24 hours.
  3. (3) Via Email

    You may email your Purchase Order (PO) to [email protected]. When emailing a purchase order, please save the file as a PDF and attach it to the email. If there are any special instructions, please include them on the PO, not in the email content.

Please include the following information on all purchase orders faxed or emailed:

  • Ship-to Address
  • Contact telephone number for jobsite delivery
  • Billing Address
  • Item part numbers
  • Item quantities
  • Special instructions
Ask Your Own Question
Click Here to ask a question and an Ekena Representative will reply to you within 24 hours.