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Marketing Tools

Instant Private Label Online Catalog

Easily add over 30,000 products to your web!

Want your own 316 page millwork catalog? We make that possible with our Instant Private Label Catalog tool.

Simply click on the link below, type in your company name, telephone number, and even your website, and our Instant Catalog tool automatically generates to an online version of our 316 page millwork catalog with all of your company information on it! This custom catalog can then be easily added to your website for all your customers to see.

No longer do you need to rely on a link to the manufacturer’s website to access product information, but rather, now you can offer your customers instant access to more than 30,000 millwork products in an easy-to-use online catalog that is branded with your company information. It really is your own 316 page millwork catalog!

Targeted Email Marketing (TEM)

Keep in touch with your customers

Using Targeted Email Marketing (TEM) you can instantly let your customers know about a sale you have coming up. You can instantly remind them of your annual event this weekend. You can instantly inform them of the new products you just got in.

No longer do you have to wait for your customers to walk through your doors; you can go to them. Get in touch with your entire customer list whenever you want to, on your own terms.

Targeted Email Marketing provides you with professionally-designed emails that are sent to your entire customer list. Simply send us the content you wish added, and our marketing department will proof read it, format it, and send your customers a formal, company-branded email.

Schedule a Targeted Email Send once every other month, once a month, or even once a week. This is the perfect way to stay in touch with your customers, and ultimately to get them to come through your doors more often.

Targeted Fax Marketing (TFM)

Bringing great results

Do you have your customers’ fax numbers? Optimize your marketing efforts by sending your customers targeted faxes letting them know about your upcoming sale, your event this weekend, new product arrivals, or whatever you think they should know about.

Our marketing team has designed effective fax layouts that are proven to get your customer’s attention. You simply pick which design you feel best represents your company, send us what content you want in the fax, and then our marketing team does the rest. We will proof read your content, format the fax template, design it to be visually appealing, and then send the professional company-branded fax to your entire customer base.

Pair this with the Targeted Email Marketing, and you have an unstoppable combination.

What do you have to lose? Nothing. Try it. Sign up. See what happens. Get one sale from it. Then get two. Then get three. Then... Base your entire marketing strategy behind it...See what happens.