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Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted Email Marketing

What is Targeted Email Marketing?

Targeted Email Marketing (TEM) means staying in constant contact with your customers. It means getting your customers the information you want them to know, when you want them to know it. It means proactively informing your customers about changes, additions, sales, new products, and anything you want them to know, whenever you feel it is helpful to them, and to you.

Your customers have a mental list of dealers who they buy their building material from. When they need lumber, drywall, or millwork, they start their decision-making processes by first thinking of the company that they’ve had the most recent contact with. If this choice doesn’t fit their needs, they then move down the list to the second most recent company they’ve had contact with, and so on. This is a scientifically proven process that every person goes through with every decision they make.

Are you at the top of your customer’s list of dealers? Do you want to guarantee it?

With Ekena’s Targeted Email Marketing you can stay in touch with your customers on a regular basis and ensure that you are on the top of their mental list of dealers. When they need millwork products, you will be their first choice.

How does it work?

We recruited some of the best marketing minds in the industry. These marketing experts built an email marketing framework specific to the building materials industry, and you now have the opportunity to utilize it. Simply choose which type of email you want to send to your customers and then tell us when you want it sent. Our marketers will then assemble, optimize, and design your perfect email and send it to your targeted customer list.

Watch your customers order your sale items, show up to your event, or simply learn more about your company.

There are four easy steps to this process:

Step 1.
Pick what type of email you want to send to your customers. There are three basic types of emails to choose from.
  1. Sale Email – tell your customers about an upcoming sale you are going to have.
  2. Event Email – let your customers know about your annual event that starts on Friday.
  3. Company Newsletter – have weekly information your customers should know? Tell them.

Step 2.
Pick the template. We have designed four market-tested and proven templates for each of the three campaign ideas listed in Step 1. Simply pick which template best fits your company’s personality, and you are halfway done.

Step 3.
Pick the timeframe. Do you want us to send an email to your customers every other month? Every month? Every week? Let us know and we will schedule it so your customers receive a targeted email exactly when you want them to, as often as you want them to.

Step 4.
Send us the specific content and customer emails. Each of our professional templates instructs you exactly what to write and how long the content must be. Simply send us this content and any pictures you wish to include, and our marketing team will proof-read it, format it, and send it to your customer list.

No longer do you have to wait for your customers to visit your showroom to tell them about your new products or the sale you have going on. Use our Targeted Email Marketing. Drive your own sales. Take control.

Read what a real customer told us while we were testing these new programs out:
"I wanted to let you know that your [new marketing tool] was what kept you and your company in the back of my mind. Had I not heard from you since our initial contact, I probably would not have thought of contacting you again. It was [new marketing tool] that made me remember you and your company. So it definitely paid off. I'll be in touch. - Sherry"