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Shipping & Delivery

Receiving Schedules

Most often common carrier rules and regulations require that orders be delivered during “Normal Business Hours.” This generally means between 8:00AM to 5:00PM, but could vary depending in the community or the freight company. If the delivery is arbitrarily refused during these normal working hours, an additional charge may be inflicted by the carrier.

Acceptance & Receipt of Goods

Many of our orders ship UPS or FedEx, but when the order is large, or contains a large item, then it must ship via Common Carrier. When shipping on a carrier truck, please follow the guidelines below.

While driver is present:
  1. Check the driver’s delivery receipt and/or Bill of Lading (BOL)

    a. Is the shipment/order yours?
    b. Is all the necessary information or documentation present? (i.e. PO numbers, job name specified, deliver terms, number of items, etc.)
  2. Count your freight

    Inspect all packages. Make sure that every product you ordered is accounted for and present.
  3. Is there any damage?

    It is very important that you confirm the product is received undamaged, from shipment, and is the correct item. To do so, please examine the shipping box and all contents immediately upon receipt for any signs of damage, wrong item(s) or defective product(s). All damaged or incorrect items must be noted on the BOL in driver’s presence.
  4. Signing the BOL/Delivery Receipt

    By signing the BOL and not noting any damaged or missing/incorrect items, the customer is agreeing that the order arrived in perfect condition and was fulfilled correctly. In the event of concealed damage, the customer is responsible.
  5. Freight claims

    All claims must be initiated within 72 hours of delivery.