Manufacturers of Urethane, Wood, Metal and PVC millwork.

We make a lot of stuff! One of the biggest obstacles we encounter is fully educating people on how many different items we truly make.

For in-stock millwork, we offer a massive collection of popular urethane items. Seven different wood species of stain-grade carvings are also sitting on shelves ready to ship. Need something more rustic? Check out our Timbercraft line of Cedar corbels, brackets, and beams. Or if you are looking for custom composite products that will last forever, Architectural Grade PVC might be for you.

Not just a product...a solution!

While we do offer the largest collection of wood and composite millwork in the country, what we truly pride ourselves on is our focus and dedication to being a solution to your millwork needs. Need something shipped out today? Ask us. Want your shipments sent with special paperwork? You've got it. Looking for a custom part? We can do it.

All of our customers are personal business partners and our purpose is to provide the tools and products that allow you to do the best job you can. We will be successful by helping you be successful.

Our Core Principles

Our principles are present in our every day work and keep us in line with what actions we need to do to help you succeed.


We pride ourselves on how hard each and every person at our company works. If something needs to get done, it gets done immediately. If we have to stay until all hours of the day or night to complete a project, it gets done. If we say we are going to do something, it gets done. You will not find a company that works harder for your business than us.


We fully understand that the world is always changing. We will not allow ourselves to be left behind by any aspect of our industry. We strive to always adjust to our customer's needs and modify how we conduct business in order to make life easier for you and your customers.


Our goal is to push the millwork industry forward as fast and hard as possible with high quality service and the best technology available. We simplify growth for our customers by focusing on what we do best: seamless integration, deep selection of high quality products, and quick fulfillment of orders.

Sales & Customer Support

Our products are sold through a nation-wide network of highly qualified dealers. Each dealer has been vetted and will provide expert product knowledge, project solutions, and a wide variety of complimentary products.

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Interested in becoming a dealer? Here at Ekena Millwork, we fully understand that you are the lifeblood of our business; without you, we simply would not exist. We will go the extra mile in every possible situation, ensuring your satisfaction with both our products and services.

When you become an approved dealer, a millwork specialist is assigned to your account. This person’s entire job is to make sure that you have everything that you need to grow your sales of Ekena products. Each Ekena Millwork Specialist has been fully trained to answer any question, process orders, and overall handle any situation that arises.

We look forward to working with you and your team.
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Our Story...

It all began in a small woodshop in Anaheim, California where we carved custom legs for pool tables, small cabinet corbels, and even designer sea shells that Nordstrom used for decoration.

As the need for beautiful millwork grew, so did we.

Our backyard woodshop operation (and single employee that worked on a desk in our closet!) soon wasn’t enough to keep up with the demand and we quickly expanded to a modest woodshop right down the street.

With increased capacity and a reputation for excellent carvings, companies like Disney, Turncraft, and Kroeger (and several Las Vegas Casinos) came to us to tackle previously-difficult projects. While we traditionally focused on custom products, a new division was formed that forged our standard-item path and a standardized line of corbels, brackets and onlays quickly gained distribution throughout Southern California and Nevada.

While our carvings became a staple product in lumber yards across the country, demand for a lower-cost paint-grade alternative became apparent and thus we got into polyurethane manufacturing. We could now make both high-end stain-grade wood carvings as well as high-value composite millwork, allowing us to service a much wider variety of projects.

Operations expanded to Clarksville, Texas and we quickly got into other popular design trends like the clean lines of stainless steel, the popular industrial look of wrought iron, and the rustic and vintage style of rough-sawn cedar.

Earning distribution of these products throughout the country from companies like Builders First Source, ABC Supply, LMC dealers, 84 Lumber and thousands of local lumber yards, our products made their way onto the plans of the largest homebuilders around. Today, you can find Ekena products on new construction around the world, probably right in your neighborhood.

One of our current focuses is developing product lines that have been previously considered custom, and standardizing the designs, sizes and materials. The result is a previously-custom offering that is now standard and provides you with instant dimensions, a specification sheet, CAD files, a photo, applicable lead-times, a part number, and yes, even a price, instantly. This can be seen in our new line of Architectural Grade PVC millwork.

Join us on our journey and let’s revolutionize how millwork is designed, manufactured, and sold.